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SOLE credits can be spent on hypebeast products instead of cash at a growing list of vendors.

As a digital currency, SOLE can be earned for being a valued customer or purchased to access exclusive items offered by your favorite store.

Download Trustwallet to start stocking up and storing SOLE to spend!

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Total Supply: 20,000,000

Ticker/Symbol: SOLE

Decimals: 8

Credits Available: 10,000,000

Price Per Credit: £0.024

  • Buy or Earn SOLE credits from SOLE Banks

  • Spend SOLE credits at a growing list of web-based businesses

  • Access exclusive products that only accept SOLE as payment

  • Register for the upcoming launch of SOLE credits and buy at discount


Total Supply: 20

Ticker/Symbol: SOLEMB

Decimals: 1

Coins Available: 18

Price Per Coin: £15,000

  • Become one of only 20 worldwide members of the SOLE DAO

  • Receive SOLE credits free, every 31 days sent to your SOLE Treasury Wallet

  • Sell SOLE credits directly to customers or supply to smaller SOLE banks




SOLE banks are verified re-sellers of SOLE credits who hold one or more SOLEMB credits and receive a percentage of all SOLE received to the DAO Treasury, which is split and paid out to SOLEMB holders once, every 31 days.

They have full autonomy on the re-selling price of SOLE so make sure you shop around for the best price!



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Exchange ETH for SOLE at these listed exchanges

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