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This digital licence entitles the bearer to 4,000 SOLE credits.


Once payment is complete you will be able to download a unique code - DO NOT SHARE THIS CODE WITH ANYONE.


Attach the downloaded file and send to under the subject header: BLACK FRIDAY COMPETITION. In the body of the email send the following:


1. Ethereum wallet address to receive your SOLE Credits.

2. Email address you wish to associate with that wallet address. (If no address is specified we will use the address of the email sender.)

3. Instagram user name.


IMPORTANT: You MUST hold the private key for the wallet of the address you share (the private key is NOT the password of your wallet). DO NOT send the ethereum wallet address for an exchange account (i.e. Coinbase or Binance etc.) Doing so will result in LOSS of your SOLE credits and there are NO REFUNDS.


Please read our FAQ's if you are unfamiliar with using ERC20 tokens BEFORE purchase.

4,000 SOLE Credits

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